The Moore You Know Podcast guides students in high school, college, and recent graduates to expedite the learning process towards developing a fulfilling life of significance.

In society, no one finds it essential to share personal development concepts with people before they graduate college and enter the real world. It is vital to provide these valuable insights as early as possible to assist those going through life, mitigating struggles and challenges. Riley has made it my mission to change that.

Join CEO of RM4Tech and Co-Creator of CrowdQuestion & DirectSuggest, Riley Moore, as he shares fascinating conversation that will assist in expediting the process towards living a life of significance. Riley shares proven concepts & wisdom surrounding business, health, philosophy, fitness, psychology, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and science. Every episode will provide motivation, inspiration, and practical steps to assist in making a tremendous impact in this world through crafting a life of significance.

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About Riley

Riley Moore, the 26-year old CEO of RM4Tech, the one and only completely family-owned family-run software company, has used his mix of technical and business influences to bring his creative vision to life. With the development of RM4Tech’s first solution, DirectSuggest the Suggestion Box Reimagined, he has become a fresh face in the world of engagement and innovation. Their second solution CrowdQuestion was released in early 2019. CrowdQuestion is focused on connecting crowds through Q&A The Right Way to bring everyone closer to their community. His passion to empower individuals to use their creativity and voice to make a difference in the world is what drives him.

Riley was born in Fremont where both of his parents worked in management roles at a Silicon Valley start-up for more than a decade and a half. In 2000, at age six, his family moved to El Dorado Hills, CA to be near his grandparents. His father became the Director of Information Systems at a non-profit organization and his mother choosing to be a stay-at home mom. Riley, and his brother Reid’s, upbringing became their main focus.

While growing up, Riley showed little motivation or interest in anything but playing sports, video games, and partying. His family and educators were concerned he would amount to nothing and he finished with a 2.3 GPA and few prospects. During his senior year of high school, he was drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship from his high-school sweetheart’s brother in-law. That, combined with his parents encouraging him to go into software, he decided one day he would develop ideas that bring value to the world through software entrepreneurship.

Since 2015, podcasts have been an integral part of Riley’s life providing him with knowledge and perspective, as well as sparks of humor and happiness. Discovering podcasts in his college apartment in Ventura CA, they began shaping and solidifying needed lessons to start his entrepreneurial journey. Podcasting became a regular education and entertainment outlet during hour-long commutes to classes, and later during the semi-monthly six-hour business commutes.

His love for podcasting, mixed with his unrelenting drive to inspire individuals to change the world through passion and hard-work, encouraged the creation of The Moore You Know Podcast. Along with his podcast, Riley released his first book at the start of 2020, entitled The Moore You Know: A Young Man’s Guide To Living A Life Of Significance And Fulfillment. The book quickly became an Amazon Best-Seller in eight categories within one month. He hopes to impact the world through entrepreneurship, podcasting, and writing like those who inspired him.


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Featured Podcast

The Moore You Know: A Young Man's Guide To Living A Life Of Significance & Fulfillment

Personal development is something often not shared with those in high school, college, and recent graduates even though it could drastically minimize failure and mitigate struggles.

The Moore You Know: A Young Man's Guide To Living A Life Of Significance & Fulfillment was written by Riley Moore to make a change to that.

Reading this book will transform your life instilling the necessary principles, concepts, and philosophies that will enable anyone to create a life of significance that changes the world.

You Will Learn About:
  • Jumping In The Deep End By Taking Opportunity
  • Family, Friends, And A Big Network
  • Relationships & Sex
  • Significance Over Success
  • Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Justifications
  • Empathy
  • Authenticity
  • Being No Different Than Those You Look Up To
  • Being The Hero Of Your Own Movie
  • Having A Choice & Understanding What Is In Your Control
  • Focusing On YOU
  • Life Not Being All Butterflies & Rainbows
  • It Could Always Be Worse
  • Mentorship & Apprenticeship
  • Propelling Through Podcasting
  • Habits & Routines To Build Momentum & Own The Day
  • Due Diligence & Preparation
  • Working Out For Those Who Don't Enjoy It
  • The Value Of Reading & Learning How To Speed Read
  • Picking Your Addictions Wisely - Insights From A Life Of Partying
  • The Truth About Government Institutions
  • Social Media AKA Pandora's Box
  • Music's Influence The Good & Bad
  • Money & Finances
  • Being Aware Throughout Your Journey To Significance
  • Being The Nice Guy Who Finishes Last

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